TaigaNova Eco-Industrial Park

What is Green Infrastructure?

Burnside Eco-Industrial Park Constructed WetlandTraditional infrastructure is designed with a single purpose in mind, whereas the design process for green infrastructure begins with a much wider scope. For instance, considering how a wastewater system interacts with other planned development projects, industrial water use or a community energy plan.

In TaigaNova, many infrastructure systems connect.  For example, the roads were designed to be slightly narrower on the straight sections.  This allows room to create vegitated swales which will naturally filter the stormwater runoff from the roadways into a stormwater management pond and then back into the environment.  This means that the sewers in TaigaNova won't get overloaded with rain or snowmelt.  The transportation system and the stormwater system work together.  

Different types of infrastructure technologies are constantly being developed from more efficient green sewer systems to high speed telecommunication cables. Industrial parks can easily become obsolete due to old, inefficient infrastructure technology.  In order to "future-proof" TaigaNova, its designers incorporated utility corridors that will allow for rapid installation of new infrastructure technologies as they emerge.

Green infrastructure comes in many forms, but it is usually interconnected, site-appropriate, and has a lower environmental impact than traditional infrastructure.

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